10 Best Moments from “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Tum Nahi Samjhoge! This iconic movie has completed 18 years. WOW! This movie has ruled our hearts for 18 long years and continues to do so. Karan Johar’s first movie as a director, it taught us so many things about friendship, love, heartbreaks. The dialogues, the songs, the scenes are still fresh in our minds.

Here is the list of best moments from the movie which made us go, Aww!

1. When Rahul Tells Anjali about his love for Tina: I am sure this scene made you cry!


2. The train scene: Anjali leaves Rahul and Tina, and the pain two friends feel was something very touchy.


3. The Basketball match: Who can forget this scene? We all have fought like this with our best friends.


4. Rani’s ragging scene: If you ever face such ragging just sing one nice aarti like Tina 😉


5. Ek Mard Ka Sar sirf teen aurton ke samne jhukta hai: This dialogue made all girls go weak on their knees! 😍 Agreed?


6. When the little Anjali reads her mom’s letters: We always feel the nostalgia in this scene.


7. Rahul and Anjali meet again: That feeling when we meet our best friends after ages!


 8.  The most romantic rain dance: Hotness! Can’t get over Rahul’s naughty expressions and Kajol’s sexy moves. 


 9. The moment of realization: The scene where Anjali realizes that Tina is no more.The way she hugs her photo made us cry.


 10. Aman lets go Anjali: It’s really hard to let your love go. We felt bad for Aman!


At the end of the day: Pyar Dosti Hai! 

picture courtesy: Dharma Productions.