Trolls: From The Virtue Of A Book

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Trolls: From The Virtue Of A BookDirector:  Mike Mitchell

Cast: Anna KendrickJustin TimberlakeZooey DeschanelRussell BrandJames CordenGwen Stefani

Running Time: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

Rating: 3.5/5 

While everyone is eyeing on their chance to witness the great spectacle presented by Marvel’s Dr. Strange, your nearby theaters are also showcasing this story about conflicts between Trolls and Bergens and it is nothing less than a gem of a movie.

DreamWorks Animation has grown phenomenally in the last decade over the animation space. Capturing the heart of the audience has become an effortless job for them. After going all out with the Kung Fu Panda franchise earlier in 2016, they have presented us with their new genius Trolls.

Being adapted from a Book, Trolls is really at the pinnacle of a good time pass movie.

Trolls depict a story about how few audacious steps taken by a small group of Trolls lead to peace and harmony among the entire civilization of Trolls and also that of Bergens. Bergens initially are very sad creatures and think that eating Trolls is the only way to be happy. In order to save his clan, King Peppy of the Trolls escapes from the captivity of Bergens along with all the trolls rendering Bergens with no source of happiness. Fast forwarding to twenty years later, Bergens find out the hiding location of Trolls and capture a few of them while everyone else ends up in the hiding spot of only resentful Troll, Branch. After some convincing, Branch and Poppy head out to save the captivated.

Story being played in the movie is nothing really unique but the screenplay accompanying it is just exceptional. Showing exemplary animation skills DreamWorks Animations has given Trolls a unique touch that provides a rock solid support to its fading storyline.

Voice-over casting was just perfect. Anna Kendricks and Justin Timberlake might not be the best on-screen duos but they certainly are a hit for Trolls.

Music scores provided might have been a little overcooked but they gave me a feeling I couldn’t shake (I know right!!)

In my opinion, Trolls is a must watch if you are not looking for anything deep and as an add-on Trolls is going to break the space if you are going bring children along.