The Bye Bye Man review : Where horror films go to die.

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Director : Stacy Title

Cast : Douglas Smith, Doug Jones, Carrie Anne Moss, Faye Dunaway

Running Time : 1hr 36 min

Rating : 1/5

The bye bye man review

It’s an age old tradition in a horror movie that if you are told not to do something, you probably shouldn’t do it or bad shit is going to happen to you. The characters in this feature length film do not pay heed to the above rules and now we have a horror movie, and a jobless dude with nothing better to do with his Friday mornings gets to talk about it.

The story of the film follows a bunch of teenagers who stumble upon the urban legend of the Bye Bye man. You are not supposed to say or think his name out loud or he will appear, and he will kill you, with the help of his CGI pet dog.

You can creep people out by telling stories of urban legends, the Bye Bye man tries to do that but the result is laughably bad. The characters in this film are so dumb and do dumb things with such persistency that the film will make you feel good about your average IQ,

The Bye Bye man himself is a monster who has been bestowed by filmmakers with vague abilities, like making people hallucinate and then placing his unusually long index finger on his victims foreheads, oh and he has a pet dog whose CGI rendering is so bad that it feels like it came from a 90’s video game.

The cast is filled with good looking people who are chronologically hunted by The Bye Bye man, none of whom can act. In one scene the characters are driving a car without actually looking at the road. Carrie Anne Moss (The chick from the Matrix) also shows up as Detective Shaw, being a good actress, she is completely wasted in this film.

This film is good for nothing, okay maybe it can help parents keep their children in check. In the 70’s when kids cried, moms said “ soo jaa warna gabbar aa jaayega”. In the 90’s when kids cried, moms said “ soo jaa warna Crime Master GoGo  aa jaayega”. Well after a decade of children crying relentlessly parents now have someone who can carry forward the great work of the aforementioned gentleman.


Don’t say it, don’t think it,  and do yourself a favor, don’t see it.