17 years of Wolverine: Hugh Jackman’s top 3 performances as Logan

The time is finally here to bid farewell to the Wolverine we have known for 17 years. Hugh has portrayed this character so well that it’s impossible to even think of anyone else as Wolverine. I mean, he IS Wolverine – the badass, short tempered mutant with adamantium claws and a living weapon. And as much as we want Hugh Jackman to keep playing Logan, we must accept that it’s time for him to bid the role goodbye. 17 years is a long time and we have seen some amazing performances of him playing the character over the years. Here’s our top 3 picks of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine:


  1. X-MenWolverine

The one that started all, X-Men was the first movie where we saw Hugh as Logan. Back then we didn’t know that we’ll grow to adore the character so much.


  1. X-Men Days of Future PastLogan-Wolverine

Wolverine, as a character, is not someone to follow the ‘hero’ stereotypes. He’s an anti-hero on his best days and a mad killing machine on others. But in Days of Future Past, we saw him sacrifice himself to change history, which he did in a quite badass way.


  1. X-Men Origins: WolverineWolverine-Origin

Hands down the best performance of Hugh as Logan. As the name suggests, it showed us how actually he went from being Logan to becoming the most dangerous living weapon in the world, Wolverine. This is the movie that truly made us fall in love with Logan.


Honourable Mention:



From the trailers and tv spots, we can say that this is not like any X-Men movie we’ve seen so far. It’s a different Logan – worn out, tired, old. This is not just a mindless killing machine, this is someone else. From the looks of it, Logan is pure art. Perhaps it will be the perfect ending that Wolverine deserves. The R-rating surely helps (thank you Deadpool) as we’ll get to see the action in its brutal form. We just can’t wait to see Logan in theaters this Friday. We’ve booked our tickets, what about you? Book your tickets here.