Priyanka Chopra voted "2nd Most Beautiful Woman"- How can you rank beauty?

So, Priyanka Chopra has won the title of the 2nd most beautiful woman in a poll conducted by the website Buzznet. No, I am not here to break out the news as it is already all over the place. But, isn’t she our former Miss India? The world already knows that she is beautiful.

I wonder what gives these magazines or websites the right to rank individuals in terms of their beauty. I mean it's healthy to compete but beauty is not something you measure.


The more liberal world preaches about beauty in being bold and brave then why entertain such polls? We have heard that beauty is about being yourself then why label beauty? These polls are just another way of objectifying women's beauty.

Today, while browsing the internet, I saw this news flashing all over and basically no one is talking about the parameters, but about who is 1st and 2nd. Talk about their beauty, about the things that make them beautiful, looks and wardrobe aren’t the only things that defines beauty, an individual's conscience and their body of work also play a very important role in making someone beautiful. Yes, women from all fields were nominated but this list of nominees are not the only people worthy of this title.


Tomorrow another poll will happen and that will have another set of women unwittingly competing and then the world will talk: This actress topped the list in that poll but now she is far behind in the league. Get over it people, every other actress or for that matter every individual is beautiful and we don’t need to entertain polls or contests to prove that.

There are numerous ways to appreciate the beauty and this is definitely not the way to do it. While going through one of the articles I came across a passage which said that all these women who have made it to the list have made us proud in the year 2016/2017 so that makes them special. That’s it?

emma watson

So, all the actresses who made it to the list, congratulations! You are beautiful because you are BOLD and BRAVE.😍