Shirley Setia is performing live in Banglore and OHMYGOD

I can't stop going all gaga about this tiny one with not so tiny dreams. I can't believe somebody so young, blessed with that gorgeous voice is making us groove to her tunes.

She recorded her first single wearing pyjamas, and now she's known as the Pyjama popstar! How cool is that!

I love how we can relate to her, and her voice is a bonus.

And we believe that Bollywood's Next Big Singing Sensation Just Might Be This Tiny Kiwi.


And her squad goals are to die for!Β 

Loooook who it issss πŸ‘‘β€οΈ

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And she is a harry potter fan.Β 

Yeah we love that part about her the most!

Looks like she's got her ticket to hogwarts and she's ready to disarm you with her voice! Expelliarmus!

Goodbye Muggles. I'm off to Hogwarts 🏰 Picture courtesy: @kadamaditya #shirleysetia #shirleytravels

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She's a sensation as well as the girl next door!Β 

Thats a combination not many of us can resist!

πŸ‘€ πŸ“·: @faisal_raza_khan @photuwalas

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Cuz standing on a travelator is too mainstream πŸ’πŸ»πŸ˜ πŸ“·: @manaskhuman

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She has her own fangirling moments. So cute!

For the first time ever, the biggest Youtube sensation which India has seen in the past few years Shirley Setia, is all geared to give a rocking performance in Bangalore .

Β Get ready to be blown away by her sheer charm! Bangloreans, be there , because I'm going to be !

Buy tickets here:Β