Is Deepika too hot for a song like Raabta?

So the new Raabta song featuring Deepika is out, and yes we can't stop looking at how gorgeous she is! But but-but, somehow, this song does not do justice to the stardom and energy Deepika brings to the table.

Lets start with the dress , slits so high, we can't stop staring! And the top looks like some bondage wear. Too much for such a soothing song!

And what is this guy actually trying to do?   

We love the makeup and hair left loose. The kohl-eye-seduction just works right for Deepika everytime, oh, how we love that look

But the moves are again a disappointment. God you gotta do something new, rather than just pandiculating! You were so awesome in dum maaro dum, what happened ?

And we are assuming that this is some kind of a wedding, and the whole act is too hot to handle for the scene! (The whole feel is of Manali trance)

Anyway, we still are a member of the Deepika fan club, and don't want to leave soon. Because, she has proven herself too many times for us to doubt.

( And yes, we love the audio! Way to go Nikita Gandhi)