National Awards 2017: Recognizing Country’s finest artists

The 64th National Film Awards ceremony took place yesterday it was an incredible affair! A National Award is the highest honour for any artist. Unlike other film awards, National Film Awards hold a sense of pride and patriotism with them as they are felicitated by the President himself, so you can understand why they’re such a big deal. Also, they don’t only take Bollywood into account. Movies and short films of every language, region and genre of the country are considered in an impartial and unbiased manner ensuring that only the best of the best come out as winners.

The 64th National Film Awards proved just that and honoured our country’s finest artists. Let’s have a look at some of the winners:

1. Akshay Kumar won the Best Actor Award for Rustom

Akshay Kumar

2. Surabhi C.M won the Best Actress Award for Minnaminungu – the Firefly (Malayalam)

Surabhi C.M.

3. Kasaav (Marathi) won the award for Best Feature Film.


4. Rajesh Mapuskar won the award for the Best Director for Ventilator (Marathi)

Rajesh Mapuskar

5. Manoj Joshi won the Best Supporting Actor Award for Dashakriya (Marathi).

Manoj Joshi

6.  Zaira Wasim won the Best Supporting Actress Award for Dangal (Hindi).

Zaira Wasim

7. Sonam Kapoor received a Special Mention for her performance in Neerja.

Sonam Kapoor

8. Neerja also won the Best Hindi Film.


It’s really a delight to watch all these artists perform. The sheer talent and dedication of all the winners make them absolutely worthy of this prestigious honour. As for us, we just have one thing to say to the winners: THANK YOU! Keep being awesome!