Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is releasing this Friday and we are HYPED!

DCU’s cinematic journey so far has been rocky to say the least. With a mediocre Man of Steel followed by huge disappointments like BvS and Suicide Squad, it seems that DC is having a hard time figuring out the direction it wants to take. And with DC’s favourite child aka Justice League releasing this November, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on Wonder Woman film, to restore people’s faith in DC and so far….it has done a tremendous job!

Wonder Woman

Everything about Wonder Woman has been perfect till now. Gal Gadot has shut everyone down with her ferocious performance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. From the looks of it, she has brought the same amount of energy in Wonder Woman too. The trailers have been awesome so far. They have showed just the perfect amount of the movie in the trailers to get people excited. However, both BvS and Suicide Squad looked incredible in the trailers...we all know how that went. So the question stands - Will Wonder Woman be able to lift DC’s curse?

There’s good news. The early reviews of Wonder Woman have been mostly positive so fans can relax a little. Critics are calling it the best DC movie yet which is not THAT big of a compliment because honestly, DC has set the bar pretty low. But still, it’s a good thing that critics are liking it because Wonder Woman’s fight isn’t with Doctor Poison, it’s with the critics (looking at you Rotten Tomatoes). Let’s have a look at what critics are saying about the Amazon princess -

“Wonder Woman Wows!” - George Pennachio, KABC - TV

Wonder Woman

“A truly amazing film” - Manny De La Rosa, NBC - TV

Wonder Woman -2

“Her time has come” - Scott Mantz, Access Hollywood

Wonder Woman

“Full of heart, humour and heroism” - Conner Schwerdtfeger, Cinemablend

Gald Gadot -2

“Spectacular” - Bill Zwecker, Chicago Sun-Times

Wonder Woman -3

Wonder Woman release date has been set to 2nd June. The movie will be directed by Patty Jenkins and will have Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in the lead roles. Jenkins is quite famous for her female centered films and TV shows and we believe she’ll do justice to the film. After all, it’s Wonder Woman’s first solo movie and we are cautiously excited. Critics liking the movie is a good sign and despite what everyone says,  we think DC will get it right with this movie. Whatever the case may be, we are hopeful. Go Diana!