5 moments from yesterday’s India vs Pakistan match that made it unforgettable

Whatta match! The arch rivals India and Pakistan faced each other yesterday in Edgbaston and it was a delight to watch. The boys in blue came out victorious and by a HUGE margin. India won by 124 runs even with the rain interrupting the match twice. India vs Pakistan has always held a very special spot in the heart of cricket fans across the nation mainly because the rivalry of both the nations goes beyond cricket. In yesterday’s match. India won  with relative ease and Pakistan’s sloppy fielding and even sloppier batting is to blame. The match gave us some defining moments though that made the fans all over the country cheer their heart out. Let’s have a recap:

1. Rohit Sharma’s 91

Rohit Sharma

Sharma ji ka ladka did it again! Sharma and Dhawan’s amazing partnership set the backbone of yesterday’s match. Rohit Sharma gave quite a performance and scored an awesome 91!

2. Yuvi’s ferocious half century

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi did what he always does, DESTROY the other side. His 53 from just 32 balls increased the pressure on Pakistani bowlers exponentially. His raging performance bagged him the Man of the Match award.

3. Virat Kohli’s game changing 81*

Virat Kohli

After Rohit Sharma’s dismissal, team India was struggling for a while to get that slipping run rate back on track. Here’s when our captain took charge. After playing safe for a while, he showed the other team who Virat Kohli really is with his 81 from just 68 balls.

4. Hardik Pandya’s beast of a performance

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya knew he didn’t have anything to lose. He came and batted exactly like that. He took the crease and hit 3 consecutive 6s. Pandya knew what he was doing and didn’t waste anytime to get back the team on track.

5. Indian bowling

Indian bowling

Ravindra Jadeja, Hardik Pandya and Umeshkumar Yadav’s excellent bowling stopped Pakistani’s batsmen to go beyond a measly 164. Although the Indian cricket team missed a few catches here and there but the fielding was good and they kept on increasing on the other team’s batsmen forcing them to play risky shots and make mistakes eventually.

All in all the match was great. Indian batting and bowling was incredible. However, we expected  more of a challenge from Pakistan. Although we won the match, there was a little lack in excitement because of Pakistan’s poor performance. We hope the next match will be even more exciting and close.