12 Virat Kohli memes from yesterday’s match that will make your day!

Last night’s match was a delight to watch. India vs Bangladesh was not an explosive match by any means but what it showed is India’s batting perfection and this -


What followed was a tsunami of memes. Indians are having a ball on Twitter with this expression of Virat Kohli. Here are some of the funniest ones we found and we’re sure they will make your Friday even better!

1. The terror of elaichi in Biryani

2. An apt description

3. Biryani returns

4. Biryani na milegi dobaara

5. Childhood memories!

6. King Kohli vs Dead Man

7. Hahahahahahaha

8. Truer words have never been spoken

9. Virat Kohli >>>>>> All the snapchat filters combined

10. Can’t argue with that

11. 9 out of 10 dentists approve this

12. We all can relate

Perfectly concluded by this one tweet:

Virat Kohli has stolen our hearts countless times before and he did it again yesterday. Not only he is a great batsman, he has proved himself to be a great captain also and shunned those who doubted him taking the captaincy. He has grown as a cricketer also - From an explosive player who batted like there’s no tomorrow to a wise, calm captain that we’ve all come to love. We hope that the India vs Pakistan match on Sunday will be one of the best cricket matches in history. After all, it’s INDIA vs PAK, we can dream a little.