Annabelle: Creation trailer - Do yourself a favour and don’t watch this at night

James Wan has this way to scare the crap out of people with his films. And even though, he is not directing it, Annabelle 2’s trailer has his presence which made me quite uncomfortable...and the fact that I watched it at 1 AM did not help. The trailer is terrifying, which means the movie is on the right track. After all, it comes from the production house which has previously given us movies like The Conjuring and Insidious and from the looks of it, Annabelle : Creation seems like a worthy addition to that list.
So coming back to the trailer, the movie is going to tell the story of Annabelle’s origin - How it came to be that horrifying doll which can give Chucky a run for his money. Annabelle was locked away but was later freed when the house it was locked in was turned into a girls’ orphanage. Annabelle possesses one of the orphan girls and what follows is a jaw dropping horror show that didn’t let me sleep for the rest of the night. Directed by David Sandberg, who has previously directed ‘Lights Out’ which was equally terrifying. Don’t believe me? Check the trailer out yourself. But remember, you have been warned:

Annabelle 2 release date in India is 11 August. The movie has David Sandberg as the director and James Wan as the producer which means that it’s in good hands. That scary toy music is back in this one too and did a perfect job in making us uncomfortable. The movie will have Stephanie Sigman and Talitha Bateman in the lead roles. It’s one of the few movies that I am not looking forward to watch THAT bad because you know. Not that I am scared or anything...I just don’t want to spend the next month not trying to remember her face at night.