James Bond is keeping his secrecy well

The world’s greatest spy is living up to his name. James Bond’s 25th movie is coming out in 2019. Eon Productions and Metro Goldwyn Mayer confirmed on Tuesday that the latest Bond movie will release in November 2019. But MI6 most beloved spy is hiding in plain sight. What we mean is that neither Daniel Craig nor the movie’s director has yet confirmed that Craig will reprise his role as 007.


The New York Times have quoted two anonymous sources, stating that Daniel Craig will return as Bond and that it’s a ‘done deal’. There are even rumours that Christopher Nolan may take the Director’s chair. Now that would be interesting. The darkest portrayal of Bond on screen meets one of the most realistic and brilliant director of our generation. If Nolan managed to transform Batman and gave us the best superhero movie of all time, The Dark Knight, think what he can do with Bond; a character that has 55 years of history behind him.


Now this is all speculation until this point. Daniel Craig, 49, has previously said in an interview that Spectre is his last Bond stint and he isn’t planning to continue with the character. So him reprising the role is still a rumour at best. So is Christopher Nolan directing it. What has been confirmed is that the screenplay will be written by Robert Wade and Neil Purvis, who have previously written Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre. So we know how the movie will be at least.

There’s very little that we know at this point. Bond is keeping his secrecy well. We can’t be sure until the official release of a poster or teaser. Till then, our guess is as good as yours.

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