3 Rakshabandhan Commercials with more story and less product

A festival to celebrate sibling bond. Rakshabandhan is a very special occasion in Indian culture because it motivates people to respect and protect the bond a brother and sister shares. We all grew up fighting and teasing our siblings. We even had our differences as kids. We still fight over little things but that doesn't change the kind of relationship we have. It’s sweet and lovely. This is what Consumer brands always keep in mind before selling their product.

The Indian consumer is easily hooked in the festivities given the frequent festivals in our country. I have done a little research on ad campaigns for this article and you’ll find it weird that I didn’t include Cadbury celebrations campaign. Actually, this article is more about the stories on siblings and less about product placement. The last campaign though doesn’t have much resemblance with the words sweet and lovely but I felt that It’s a must watch when there’s a strong need for feminism.

Let’s begin with Amazon’s #DeliverTheLove commercial.

The best thing about this ad is that it doesn’t talk about the brand much. Instead they played it subtle. Letting the viewer visit their memories and taste nostalgia. This campaign was aired last year in 2016 and Amazon has continued it in 2017. Check out their newest Rakshabandhan Commercial.

Here's another one from Amazon:

Next up is Castrol India’s commercial cum short film on Sibling love. This ad film is so simple and effective that you’ll start thinking about your brother/sister while watching.

The part when the brother is all senti and emotional in the beginning over a mail is what hooked me. I have a younger sister and I feel the same way for her. Also, the campaign had a nice hashtag which brought a smile on my face. #ChalUdteHain

For the final video on Rakshabandhan, I would like you all to listen to this ad very carefully. It might be a little shocking to you or you may find it useless but the truth is… It’s not Useless. Have a look at Postpickle’s short film:

If you feel like the message in this film is actually a serious thing, then change.

That’s it for this article. Feel free to leave your comments and views. Happy Rakshabandhan!

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