Deadpool 2 is shaping up good!

Ever since Deadpool came out, fans have been craving for a sequel. The R rated comic book movie was first of its kind and was everything Deadpool fans were hoping for. Now, a lot has been riding on Deadpool 2 shoulders as it has to reach, if not surpass, its predecessor’s success. So far what we’ve been seeing in the news about DP2 is all good. Ryan Reynold’s Twitter is full of hints and gossip about the upcoming movie. Recently he tweeted this picture of Zazie Beetz as Domino:

The casting choice has faced some backlash. Some fans say the skin colour doesn’t match for the pale skinned Domino while others have appreciated the move. We’ll see whatever will become of it.

But what is making the news is Ryan Reynold’s tweet yesterday. Josh Brolin’s first look as Cable is out and we’re loving it! Check it out:

Meanwhile, Josh Brolin’s Instagram has been on fire with his workout videos. I mean, we knew Cable is a badass but this is a level beyond awesome:

A little introduction of Domino and Cable:

Domino is a mutant who possesses probability-altering powers. Now what in the hell are ‘probability-altering powers’? Well, she can make improbable (but not impossible) things to happen. Like enemies equipment failure or turning on the switch of a nuclear reactor if it favours her. She’s also an expert in hand to hand combat, has exceptional marksmanship skills and has enhanced reflexes and agility.

Cable’s backstory is a little complicated to say the least. Cable is the biological son of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone, Madelyne Pryor. He’s from a future timeline where he grew to become a great warrior. Cable also has some telepathic and telekinesis powers, is an expert marksman and is cybernetically enhanced. All this make him a formidable ally or foe, depending which side you’re on.

Deadpool was a fun movie which did not take itself too seriously - basically what Deadpool is all about. The sequel however, has both Cable and Domino - which can possibly bring some seriousness in the movie while exponentially increasing the action. We can’t tell anything for sure till the movie hits the theatre next year. Till then, we have our eyes glued on Ryan Reynold’s Twitter.