Happy Birthday Gulzar Sahab - Five decades of brilliance in Hindi Cinema

One of the most loved lyricist and poets of Indian cinema for almost 5 decades turns 83 today. He debuted his career as a songwriter in 1963 with the film “Bandini” and till now he has maintained his uniqueness and style in movie songs. With a superb blend of different languages (urdu,hindi,punjabi etc.) this wizard of words has kept his audience spellbound every time. I am talking about one of  the legendary poet of our times, Sampooran Singh Kalra, popularly known by his pen name Gulzar (or Gulzar sahab for his fans).

If you are a fan of Hindi Cinema or love listening to movie songs then I can bet that you have at least one song in your favourites list penned by Gulzar.

Even the prayer most of us grew up singing in our childhood was one of Gulzar’s creation. Remember this song “Hamko man ki shakti dena”.


And how could you not sing along to this joyous tune of Mowgli’s title song


When I was a kid, I was damn sure that this particular song or poem was made for me by my grandma. She always sang this song to make me stop crying and even made grandpa become a horse when situation got out of hand. When I finally came to know that this is a song from a movie and not something my granny made… I got sad, for a few moments only (of course) and moved on to make it a passage to my childhood nostalgia. Here’s the song


Now, somewhere between these poems and love songs… a lot has changed. But not Gulzar sahab’s style. He has written songs for every emotion we go through but in a way that it feels good to listen.  I‘ve made a small list of songs (By Gulzar) I often listen according to the situation.

When happy, I tune in to

When sad, I seek motivation to get out of the blue and this song has it

When in love, I find this song the best fit to express what situation we’re in ;)

When I feel like banging my head to spit out all the day’s frustration, this song helps me do it

And this soothing song for those cuddling moments :)


Finally, my favourite song which makes me feel good everytime

His words are the reason we go back to listening these songs again and again. The list could get really really long but that’d be just me talking about my favourite songs which will get boring :P

I wish the legend a very happy 83rd Birthday.

What are your favourite songs by Gulzar Sahab? Tell us in the comments below!

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