Is Conventional Photography Dying?

The true joy of photography lies in capturing pristine beauty of the world. But with emergence of digital imaging, the photoshop composite images have taken a toll on conventional photography. With a great demand of such content, image hosting social platforms like Instagram are now flooded with images with no sense of rationality. Pictures having Milky Way in a headshot? Really?

Looks pretty but won't it be frightening?

Is it Bad?

Of course not. The new genre of imaging is not a bane. The tools combined with creativity  make things possible that would have never been achievable without photoshop’s help. It is somehow killing the basics and learning of budding photographers as the “Fix it in post” approach has growing faster than anything. Image tweaking has been practised for more than 100 years now, from film era to this digital era. But tweaking and manipulation are two different things. Photography is an art of capturing the moment, the essence of what your camera sees, not what you wish to see.

When you go out, explore the world, relish in the beauty of Mother Earth, photography helps you to capture that moment. Image manipulation is creating your own kind of nature, the things that you want to exist.

The most hard earned photographs can be easily recreated using photoshop in just a few hours, which belittle photographers’ efforts. Photography is not just clicking a picture, it makes you closer to nature by leading you to experience its phenomena and keep amazing you by its beauty. If an image has no fundamentals to it then even photo manipulation will not get you the desired result, therefore it’s absolutely necessary to know the basics of capturing a photo in the real world.

Up movie’s characters seem to have a good time up here.

A visible Milky Way from a cityscape, NatGeo’s photogs must be crazy to put in all the effort to get that perfect shot.


The Future is unknown, unpredictable yet it’s highly possible that soon the composite images will be flashing all over the media due to high demand and their luring nature. After all, who doesn’t want to see such creativity? But this is ‘making’ of awestrucking images and not ‘capturing’. Hope we keep creating such fantasy worlds on our computers without abandoning capturing photographs of this beautiful world of ours.

What’s the point?

We surely don't want it to have the same fate as silent films. We just want photography to co-exist with photoshop composite images. Usage of photoshop is okay, creating new things is good, making new art is great and may the future bring the best of it. Let’s just hope that the future also preserves conventional Photography and the real art doesn’t get lost.

Using photoshop is good but let’s at least do it right.

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