Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s old wedding picture goes viral thanks to a Nose Ring

Twitter is a weird place man. You don’t know what you’ll find. One day everyone’s talking about the Supreme Court or Spacex while on others, all that Twitteratis could talk about is Amrita Singh’s nose ring. Yup, that’s right. Lately, everyone is obsessed with Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s old wedding photograph or rather specifically, the nose ring Amrita Singh is wearing in it. And as you know, Twitter can be quite ruthless. Twitteratis compared the nose ring from everything from social circle to Saturn’s Rings. And we’re here just sitting here wondering….Why?

Anyways, the trend gave us some gems and we got some hilarious tweets along with it. Check them out:

1. The Harsh Truth

2. Such inspiration, much wow

3. Exaggeration? Maybe. Funny? Absolutely!. Hotel? Trivago

4. Wait a minute...

5. That hurt..

6. Could be! I mean there’s guy here who’s comparing it to Saturn’s Rings for God’s Sake

7. Ring Khiladi tu Anadi

8. Whut?

9. There’s always one..

10. Hehehehe

So is this the meme of the month? Does it have the potential to be the same league as other supers? Can Amrita Singh’s nose ring be the next finger pointing at temple guy or salt bae? The world is weird place, so you can never be sure. All we can do is wait here with popcorn until someone gets offended. Because you know...