Insidious: The Last Key Trailer - Took the word ‘key’ literally

Shakespeare once said “What’s in a name?” The director of Insidious: The Last Key answered -  Fingernails. Yes, we have a ghost/demon/paranormal entity who has keys for fingernails. That’s about it. That’s everything ‘new’ thing I could find in the Last Key’s trailer. Otherwise, it’s the same old horror movie plot - There’s a haunted house (of course) which has some sort of demon living in it. If you haven’t watched the trailer, check it out here:

Lin Shaye (that old woman who kicks ghosts asses in Insidious movies) says in the trailer “It’s different this time….Because it’s my family’s house” Yeaahhhh...we don’t really care about her family so it doesn’t really matter who lives in the house. Coming back to the demon with fingerkeys (get it?), he comes with a very nice feature. He can shut people up with his nails by ‘locking’ their voice (I know, ‘new’). Everything else is the same. Haunted house, the ‘further’, ugly looking ghosts painted white, etc. See the thing about jump scares is they’re only effective if they’re unexpected. You can’t really show a bunch of ghosts together, saying ‘this way’, and expect people to get scared. The trailer was more funny than scary and overall was boring. Expected more from the series, although Insidious Chapter 3 was quite disappointing. And it’s nowhere near the level of The Conjuring. Now that was a scary movie. Lot’s of build up, lot more fun, one ugly looking ghost that was also terrifying.


The movie releases in January and is directed by Adam Robitel who has previously directed The Taking of Deborah Logan and co-wrote Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. The movie has James Wan as one of the producers and he has given us some good horror movies in the past. I just don’t know about this one though, didn’t do anything for me...what about you?