11 awesome things you can do in Bengaluru this weekend!

Ah Bengaluru, one of the liveliest cities in the country. The Silicon Valley of India is famous for its immense work opportunity and a booming IT industry. What it’s equally famous for is its awesome party scene and exciting events. The city reels in the best artists from all over the world and make itself the ultimate destination for people who want to look explore something new. As always, your entertainment expert TixDo has brought you the best of these awesome events and gigs. So if you’re in Bangalore this week or planning to visit this weekend, here’s a list of the coolest things you can do in this crazy city.

1. Tripledy at The Atelier


What: A satire on the surface carrying an important message within. It’s beautifully enacted by Saurav Verma, Anurag Puthige and Trupti Mahesh.

Where: The Atelier 

When:  10th September.

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/tripledy/event/

2. The Beech Ke

the beech ke.jpg

What: The Beech Ke is a humble attempt by Saurav Verma, Anurag Puthige and Rashmi Deshpande to pay a tribute to RK Laxman. It has 3 short, yet powerful, stories that will take you into the world of the common man.

Where: Untitled Space.

When:  9th September 

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/the-beech-ke/event/

3. Sounds Of Saturday Edition VII


What:  Sounds Of Saturday Edition VII is going to be one hell of an explosive night. With one of the best DJs in town, Agnisutra on the console, it's gonna get serious! 

Where: Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks

When: 9th September

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/sounds-of-saturday-edition-VII-with-psy/event/

4. Multisports only for kids


What: A day full of learning, education, growth and fun for your little one! Let your kids, nieces and nephews enjoy a world outside of screens at Multisports 

Where: Ambedkar Veedhi

When: 9th and 10th September

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/multisports-only-for-kids/event/

5. Hit and Run Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament


What: A day full of 4s, 6s, fallen wickets, cheers and enthusiasm in the 4th edition of HIT & RUN tennis ball cricket tournament.

Where: No 28/10, Sulikunte Village

When: 9th September

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/4th-edition-of-hit-run-tennis-ball-cricket-tournament/event/

6. Sonic Saturday ft. DJ Bollywood Brothers


What: An evening of dancing to DJ Bollywood Brothers insane mix of Hindi songs and letting go of that work stress with some beer.

Where: Big Pitcher

When: 9th September

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/sonic-saturday-ft-dJ-bollywood-brothers-from-delhi/event/

7. Digital Marketing Workshop


What: Digital Marketing workshop is a platform to learn online marketing and the essentials of social media in a comprehensive way.   

Where: High Blu

When: 9th and 10th September

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/digital-marketing-workshop/event/

8. 3 Shots of Comedy


What: An evening of excellent narrative and spectacular performances by Saurav Verma, Anurag Puthige, Pooja Pandey Tripati and Prashant Jadenavar

Where: Atta Galatta

When: 9th September

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/3-shots-of-comedy/event/

9. Tumhari Amrita


What: A story about how sometimes love isn’t enough, about how sometimes...even time doesn’t heal. It's a romantic play, beautifully enacted by Prashant Jadenavar and Pooja Pandey

Where: Untitled Space

When: 9th September

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/tumhari-amritha/event/

10. Clubbers Friday Ft. Dj Mark Leene


What: The best end of the week party with some beer, dancing and insane beats of DJ Mark Leene. 

Where: Big Pitcher Bangalore

When: 8th September

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/clubbers-friday-ft-dj-mark-leene/event/

11. Boondein


What: A powerful and thought provoking theatre play with a gripping story and awesome performances by Saurav Verma, Anurag Puthige and Rashmi Deshpande 

Where: Untitled Space

When: 9th September

Book tickets here: https://tixdo.com/boondein/event/

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