The Monster Unleashed: Mercedes Project One revealed at Frankfurt International Motor Show

The annual International Motor Show in Germany was a little too much to handle this year. With supercars from the top brands of the world showing flexing their turbocharged engines at the motor show, it’s a dream come true for a car lover. There was something else this year though. A Mercedes, nothing like the world has ever seen before. Mercedes-AMG Project One is an absolute beast. The sheer power this monster has is unbelievable (to put nicely). The car simply ruled the motor show and you’ll know why soon enough...

Unlike other cars, the 0-100 km/h acceleration figure doesn’t cut it. So Mercedes-AMG have claimed that Project One would accelerate from 0-200 km/h in less than 6 seconds. Yes you read that right. 0-200 in 6 seconds….

This is a supercar unleashed for the streets. This beast has a 1.6 litre Formula One engine. Meaning they took the engine from Formula One cars & placed it in Project One AS IT IS. The engine is turbocharged and the turbo can spin up to 1,00,000 RPM. The 161BHP Electric Motor can immensely boost the torque and power simultaneously.

It has two more motors in the front wheels, each producing 161BHP - equivalent of two super hatchbacks. And with the Turbocharged engine powering the rear wheels, it simply can’t get any better right?

It does get better as Mercedes-AMG hasn’t yet revealed the exact power and torque details for the drive setup so we can still get some surprises in the future.

The top speed is expected to reach  ~350 km/h. The power is on the higher side of 1000bhp. The interiors are top class yet so minimalistic. It will have 2 screens, 6 air-conditioned vents and fancy buttons. The car is still in the concept segment so there’s a high possibility that some specs can be jolted down. The expected price tag is a whopping £2.4 million! Nothing much… you know, just have to sell some of my organs and my friends’ organs and maybe I’ll afford a rear view mirror. What do you think? (About the car, not about me selling my friends’ organs)

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