20 hilarious Tweets about Apple Event and iPhone X

It’s finally here. The most awaited smartphone of the year -  iPhone 8...wait, iPhone 8 plus….no it’s iPhone…..X? Apple got everyone a little confused yesterday. Everyone was expecting an iPhone 8 which was there, for like 10 minutes (or ‘X’ minutes..get it?) , but we got another new phone which apparently is the ‘future of smartphones’.

X is a totally different phone altogether and perhaps the most different since the first iPhone. It has a glass body on front AND Back. If you were upset because of the missing headphone jack then don’t be because the iPhone X doesn’t even have the home key. Yes, it’s basically a glass screen with a little space for some cameras and sensors on top. It has a ‘new’ Face ID which uses facial recognition to unlock your phone. Not an entirely new concept but I digress. Samsung had it for quite some time now but where Apple differs is its accuracy. Apparently it has 1-in-1-million chance to recognise your face wrong. That’s good...I guess but still not completely convinced. It has a wireless charger which is nice. The camera is even more awesome than ever. Both of them have a crapload of sensors to get you the best image quality from any iPhone. It also has A11 Bionic which is supposedly the best chip ever in a smartphone. But with your iPhone you can create….animojis. WTF an animoji, you ask? Well it’s like an emoji that can replicate your facial expressions. You can send them in chats and whatnot. Such innovation, much wow. Like we know people like to use emojis in their chats but capitalizing on them and selling it as a unique feature? Not a great move. I know there are a bunch of other features in the new iPhone and Apple fans won’t agree with me but the new phones (All three of them) are not revolutionary especially for the price tags.

And Twitter agrees. Twitteratis weren’t quite convinced with the new phones and were quite vocal about it. A storm of memes took over Twitter and we got to see some hilarious reactions for the new iPhones. Even John Cena had something to say! So here we go:

1. Now that’s a problem

2. Ouch…

3. It’s possible

4. That’s me

5. Also me

6. That’s my gareeb friend

7. Genuine Question

8. Yep, that’s creepy

9. That poop emoji expression

10. Thought of the same thing..

11. Game of phones

12. I feel bad for iPhone 8

13. X is my favourite letter

14. Damn Straight

15. The future is here…

16. Arya can unlock any iPhone

17. Good strategy

18. That may be a problem

19. I fear this is going to happen..

20. Wheatgrass Tea!!!  

Twitter is a brutal place and no one can escape it. Not even Apple!

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