5 times Sahil Shah made us LOLSHIH (Laugh out loud so hard it hurt)

Sahil Shah famously known by fans like me as Sahil Bulla, is one of the funniest standup comics we have right now. He founded East India Comedy with equally funny and equally crazy comedians. The man knows his craft. Having done over 900 shows worldwide (I know right! Guy is international). Over the years, he has given us quite a few chuckles and whole lot of LOLs or as I like to call it LOLSHIH. Here are some of our favourite moments that this child stuck in a man's body has given us:

1. On singles (hits a little too close to home but I digress)

2. His beef with MBAs

3. His take on Bollywood Movies

4. Truer words have never been spoken

5. His fascination with Chess

Sahil Shah is simply hilarious. He makes puns so bad they’re good. And I don’t mean moderately bad puns, the guy makes the WORST puns ever in the history of puns and punning (not making up, actually a word). Check out his famous #PotterPuns and you’ll know what I mean -

Sigh Even after all these atrocious puns, you just can’t hate the guy! If you’re a fan of his like us, or simply like good comedy, then don’t miss his gig “Childish Behaviour’ in Delhi on 23rd September. And you can get your tickets on TixDo here - https://tixdo.com/childish-behavior-a-solo-special-by-sahil-shah/event/

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