Pro tip: Break the Monotony

When I come home from work, I directly jump onto my bed and grab my phone.

Scroll scroll scroll.

Tap. The phone is locked.

Seconds later...

Tap. Phone unlocked.

Scroll Scroll Scroll.

Tap. Locked.

That’s a routine most of us follow these days in our lives. But is that good? Where is that part when we think about putting our life together or making it more productive and creative? Well, it’s gone while we were tapping that touch screen device of ours. Research tells that we spend a minimum of 2.5 hours per day on phone. And all of it for nothing. We get nothing out of those 2.5 hours except for some absurd videos and a few laughs. None of it helps us out of the labyrinth of problems we are in.

There’s a way to tackle all of the problems that we face personally in our lives. And that way is Writing. How often do you write... not counting the WhatsApp texts or Facebook status? How long has it been since you last wrote something down on a paper? Maybe in school or college but not after that I guess. I know that writing is not of prime importance for some people but trust me, it is important for a better life.

Here’s how writing can improve your lifestyle -

1.Empty your (Brain's) Recycle Bin

Our mind is for processing and not for storage. A Chinese proverb says,”The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory”. Often it happens that out of nowhere a rubbish thought or memory comes into our mind and we start acting strange and nothing feels good anymore. Well, if you write it down along with your feelings about it then that garbage will be out of your head. This practice not only clears all the clutter of our mind but also it makes room for new thoughts and ideas.

2. Take a therapy for your mood

Writing down your experiences and life goals will prove out to be a therapy for your mood. It can make you feel happier and healthier. Start writing a blog or maintain a daily journal or maybe share your life lessons on pdf. This practice will nourish you from the inside and you might discover something new about yourself while doing it. Writing forces you to think about the events that happened during the course of the day. You are no longer involved in the situations which made you angry or sad, and you can clarify what provoked these events on paper.

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3. Make record of your progress

“We feel more engaged, more productive, and have a greater sense of meaning in work when we record even the most minute accomplishments within our days,” says Harvard Business School research director Teresa Amabile. Take a note of instant ideas that come into your mind, note what professional skills you can improve, keep track of good advice from mentors, and think about opportunities for growth. Use brainstorming to come up with the answers and points that you need to follow. By identifying your problems, you decrease your stress because you now have focus.

4. You might become a (professional) writer

Who knows there may be a writer hidden inside you. All it takes is a little effort to help the poor lad out. Pick a pen and paper or use your computer or some online tool for writing. Find your interest through the type of genres you read in a book or see in movies. Think of an idea and do some research (I personally find research the most interesting part of writing). Start with the characters or incidents in your life and put them in a story or a poem. Make your friends read it and let them critique your material. If that turns out to be good enough, you might get your work published in a newspaper, blog, magazine or a book. Also, you’ll get paid for it.

To conclude, here’s a tip - An Israeli-American psychologist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman recommended that the first step for making better decisions is: buy a notebook.

Thank you guys for reading. Share this article with your friends and tell us in comments about how writing can make a difference in life.