4 reasons you shouldn’t miss 24ADP Digital Marketing Conference

Pune has always been a city of learning. The city offers so many different platforms to people who want to learn something. The 24ADP Digital Marketing Conference proves that even further. Unlike your average Digital Marketing conferences, 24ADP will feature the country’s biggest names in marketing and digital media as speakers. Top executives from different media houses and organizations will come together to share their knowledge and expertise, making this conference perfect for all the digital marketing enthusiasts. Here are 4 major reasons you should attend 24ADP Digital Marketing Conference especially if you’re looking for a career as a marketer: 

1. The Speakers


The top names of the digital marketing sphere in India will be there sharing knowledge and ideas. Some of the speakers are - 

Apurva Chamaria, Vice-President & Head – Corporate Marketing, HCL Tech

Hardik Joshi, Head, Online Marketing, Reliance Digital

Tracy D'souza, Channel Head at (TVF's) Girliyapa

Aashish Chopra, Content Marketing Head at Ixigo.com

Anvesha Poswalia, Senior Brand Manager at Asian Paints

Paula Mcglynn, Creative Producer & Founding Director, Gulbadan Talkies & Bharatiya Digital Party

Reena Jagtap, Deputy Manager of Digital Marketing, Audi

Sarang Sathaye, Director, Bharatiya Digital Party

There will be many more expert marketers who’ll be taking the stage to have in-depth discussions about the scope and applicability of online marketing.

2. Topics of Discussions


There will be a comprehensive analysis of different aspects of online marketing and social media. It’ll include topics like ROI from digital marketing, e-commerce, marketing through video content, best online practices, how different social media platforms work among other relevant subjects.

3. Networking


It isn’t about just the discussions or speakers. 24ADP Digital Marketing Conference is a great conference to meet like-minded individuals, marketing enthusiasts and experts. It will help in sharpening your skills and learn new things along with making a few relevant connections in the field (if you’re looking to make a career).

4. Partners

The big names of the marketing sector are involved with this event. Companies like Social Samosa, SEMRush, Campus Times, Townscript, just to name a few, are coming together to make this conference happen. Which is good news for you because you’ll get a chance to meet and interact with their digital heads and to learn from them.

Like we said, this conference is a must-go for all marketing enthusiasts. Register for it now!