Lucid Dreaming: Somewhere between Fantasy & Adventure

I was walking on sand. The cold waves from the sea caressing my feet back and forth. It was an amazing feeling. I looked up to the setting sun and it was waving goodbye for the day. Suddenly, I had a thought of reaching to the horizon. But how? Then, Ariel(the little mermaid) came out of the ocean and told me that if I try, I can fly.  It was at that moment when I realized that I was dreaming. So I thought of flying and within a blink of an eye, I was floating in the air. It felt so good that I began gliding and diving through the air. Although, Ariel was gone by the time I came back to the land.

This realization when you are aware of a dream while dreaming is known as Lucid Dreaming. This term was coined by Dutch author and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in his 1913 article A Study of Dreams. I bet most of you’ve experienced Lucid dreaming before because according to research, it happens to almost 50% of humans. 

It may sound like some kind of a Sci-Fi movie theme, but it is real. Lucid Dreamers often dream about high fantasies and adventures. Like flying to the sun, jumping off a cliff and not dying, growing wings, making out with a celebrity, searching for answers, etc. Many people practice Lucid dreaming. They plan for a dream beforehand and then they experience it in a ‘non-real’ world. This method also helps an individual to take something out from the dream. Here’s how you can approach for Lucid dreaming and gain from it -

1. Plan Your Dream

It may sound weird but you can actually plan for your dream. There is unlimited potential for creating any imaginable dream scenario in advance. Techniques like DILD(Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming) and WILD(Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming) will help you gain more control over the visuals and plot of your dream. If done properly, lucid dreaming will be like playing a VR game with full control to your story and character. What else is more fun than that?

2. Discover Life

Lucid dreams are the simplest form of communication between conscious and subconscious mind. Before sleeping, ask yourself the questions which trouble you and you’ll find answers in your dream. Most of the time, what you seek is hidden inside you and that’s where your subconscious comes into the picture. 

3. Discover Self

Fear is a part of human nature. We are afraid of rejections, underperformance, society and what not. It’s the real world that scares us and it’s the dream world that can help us overcome these fears. When you dream of fighting your biggest fear, then the dream enhances it’s dangers and makes it more frightening than ever. If you fight and win in a dream, you’ll definitely win in life. Lucid dreams provide a productive ground for artistic inspiration by allowing you to see complex symbols and vivid images. Many writers, painters, and even scientists are inspired to make their creations and discoveries after experiencing lucid dreams.

4. Go Pro

Dream of improving your performance and skillset in anything you wanted to. Any physical skill can be improved upon while lucid because the clear-cut experience transfers to real life muscle memory. Similarly, mental and emotional responses can be realistically prepared while lucid dreaming. Now you don’t have any excuses like not getting much time to practice. 

What better place to experience all the fun, adventure, spirituality and wisdom than your bed, Right?

Thank you, folks, for reading. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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