Live-action Lion King remake by Disney casts Beyonce along with a colourful cast.

Disney fans old and new rejoice for thou shall be treated to yet another audio-visual extravaganza.

Disney has always made visually powerful films and they have attained classic status over the years. So when in 2016 with the release of another Disney live-action remake, The Jungle Book happened and with it the successive announcement of a live-action remake of The Lion King (1994), many like me were sceptic. However Jon Favreau of Iron Man fame did a stupendous job with The Jungle Book remake and Disney fans like us felt that not all hope is lost.

The news about The Lion King remake gradually started to trickle in and Disney announced it was going ahead with a majorly coloured crew. Disney recently tweeted a wall of fame image of the cast for the live-action remake due in July 2019. The only constant in the cast from both films is James Earl Jones for the voice of Mufasa. The remake stars other reputed African-American Hollywood stars like Donald Glover also known by his stage name Childish Gambino as Simba, Chiwetel Ejiofor as the vicious Scar and Seth Rogen as the most lovable Pumba. John Oliver as Zazu and Billy Eichner as Timon are the other two white celebrities to be part of this colourful crew.

The latest Hollywood celebrity to join the cast in none other than Destiny’s Child and America’s sweetheart Beyonce for the voice of Nala, Simba’s romantic interest.



The casting of people of colour in The Lion King, a story about the majestic African Lion is no surprise to already existing Disney fans because Disney through its most high profile acquisition Marvel - has also casted similarly for the Black Panther movie due in 2018 as a part of the MCU franchisee. Fans across the world are hopeful that Favreau would recreate the magic of The Jungle Book with photorealistic CGI and visually stunning live-action.


Beyonce announced her involvement with the project scheduled to begin production yearly in 2018, through Facebook.

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