Jaspreet Singh - “Banda toh Sahi hai yaar!"

A Sardar from Delhi who has done engineering is nothing unique. Jaspreet Singh is just that, yet unique in a lot of ways. He is unique when he is on stage performing to a live audience with his witty jokes in Hinglish with occasional Punjabi thrown in.

A 27-year-old techie, Singh’s Twitter bio describes him as a ‘Shareef aadmi’. And this is also because he is kinda innocent looking. He loves mountains and his girlfriend (weird sequencing, don’t know why I did that). He has already performed in various shows in Delhi and Mumbai along with countless open mics.

His performances are mostly about his dad, his landlady, and his boss. The observations on life and his quick-paced commentary on things might range from his self-awareness (or the lack of it) to the stories from his life, interactions with the fellow human beings among other things that made him the nice person he is.

Not particularly fond of horror movies, Jaspreet is an up-and-coming name in the stand-up comedy scene. However, he is going great guns and already has multiple shows happening across the country. He is highly allergic to stupid arguments people give in the name of logic.He tells stories to vent out the stupidity he has inhaled from this polluted environment.

Punchliners is showcasing him on a multi-city tour starting from Nagpur (Dec 3) followed by Lucknow (Dec 7), Amritsar (Dec 9), Indore(Jan 6) and Jaipur (Jan 7).

Listen to his funny tales, routine ironic incidents, and observations. Join in for some, Shudh Desi comedy, according to his own words and go LOL with some good dose of laughter. Check here for the passes to all these shows:

Nagpur: https://tixdo.com/punchliners-standup-comedy-show-ft-jaspreet-singh-in-nagpur/event/


Lucknow: https://tixdo.com/punchliners-standup-comedy-show-ft-jaspreet-singh-in-lucknow/event/


Amritsar: https://tixdo.com/punchliners-standup-comedy-show-ft-jaspreet-singh-in-amritsar/event/


Indore: https://tixdo.com/punchliners-standup-comedy-show-ft-jaspreet-singh-in-indore/event/


Jaipur: https://tixdo.com/punchliners-standup-comedy-show-ft-jaspreet-singh-in-jaipur/event/

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